Chest Relief Day


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Chest Relief Day
  • Settles dry, tickly airways
  • Eases tight chests
  • Recovery for sinuses & chest
  • Soothes mucus membranes
Bitter Sweet
Thin Thick

Ideal for when you're feeling

Tight Chest
Dry & Tickly

Suitable for

Over 12 years
How to take

Take the recommended dose by age group:
(over 12 years)
Support for settled airways: Take 5mls up to
three times per day.
Acute support: Take 5mls up to every three hours
if experiencing significantly dry tickly airways.
Can be taken long-term.


Each 5ml dose contains:
extract equivalent to dry root 376mg
extract equivalent to dry root 610mg
extract equivalent to dry leaf 882mg
extract equivalent to dry leaf 240mg
extract equivalent to dry leaf 340mg
extract equivalent to dry root 244mg
In a syrup base of chicory root fibre, vegetable glycerine,
natural flavours, citric acid and water.

Safe while pregnant and breastfeeding.

Always read the label and use only as directed. If taking prescribed medication, consult your health professional before taking this product. If symptoms persist, seek professional medical advice.

Chest Relief Day

Ideal for when you're feeling

Tight Chest
Dry & Tickly

Suitable for

Over 12 years

I had a tickly throat start up with the change of season. It settled quickly . Now putting a squirt into a warm drink at work before meetings just to keep on top of it.

No Added Sugar
No Preservatives
Ingredients Tested For Purity
Vegan Friendly
Natural Plant Extracts

The power of nature

Our pure and powerful herbal extracts work hard for your wellness. Every dose delivers meaningful levels of active ingredients, each sourced from trusted growers around the world.

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Ivy Leaf
Ivy Leaf
Helix hedera

The common ivy leaf is one of the most popular herbs world-wide to support respiratory health with numerous scientific studies supporting its use. Ivy leaf is rich in saponins and flavonoids which have anti-inflammatory properties, and it is observed to have antispasmodic effects on the smooth muscles of respiratory tract. It is approved by the German Commission E for use against inflammatory bronchial conditions and productive coughs.

Grindelia camporum

The anti-inflammatory properties of grindelia are attributed to its rich concentration of phenolic acids and flavonoids, which support inflammation in the respiratory tract.

Althea officinalis

Marshmallow is most commonly used to ease sore throats and dry coughs. It contains polysaccharides that work as a mucilage, producing a thick, sticky substance that coats the mucuous membranes. The flavonoids in Marshmallow contain anti-inflammatory properties that soothe irritated membranes. In Russia, the root syrup is sold without prescription by pharmacies to treat minor respiratory ailments.

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