Modern herbal remedies are a science, an art, and a challenge

But we're good for it.

Using Nature's medicine chest for more than 40 years

Nature has an amazing array of plants that work with the biochemistry of the human body. For more than 40 years we've been tapping into the plants we know work best, and converting them into herbal formulas to help us all live well.

Why believe in the power of plants?

Science is catching up with what generations before knew - plants are powerful. It’s estimated that around 25-30% of modern prescription medicines are derived directly from plants or natural sources. This increases to about 50% when considering medicines that are synthesised based on compounds initially discovered in plants. If we know where to look and how to use what's on offer, Mother Nature can look after us well.

Learn About Ingredients

Getting meaningful amounts of herbals into a liquid is hard.

But we learnt from the best.

Meet Malcolm Harker - master herbalist and our founder

There’s nothing like having your own health setbacks to sharpen the focus on getting well. That’s exactly how our founder, Malcolm Harker, came to be one of New Zealand’s leading master herbalists. He spent years researching and experimenting with ways to use plants to heal himself and later, his friends and family.
While we'd love to say his tonics were an overnight success, the truth is that Malcolm's early formulas were hit and miss. More than one person came back with remnants of a bottle that had exploded in the cupboard or overflowed on the kitchen bench.
The magic of getting the herbals just right came a bit later, in the early 1980s. Then demand for his tonics you know how the rest of that story goes. 

Your wellness journey is our journey too.

Our herbalist and naturopaths are hard at work, investigating new ingredients, new science and new ways to help you live well.

Keeping the Harker in Harker Herbals

When Malcolm passed away in 2017, we received thousands of condolence messages. The respect for his life's work was overwhelming. We made a commitment then and there to be true to Malcolm's fundamental beliefs:

  • A philosophy of holistic healing
  • Focussing on developing unique multi-herb combinations to get the best synergy of ingredients
  • Using only the very best natural and efficacious ingredients we can find
  • Treating our customers as our friends and family

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